Ph.D (Education), Registered Psychologist

Dr. Dan McKinnon is a registered psychologist who specializes in existential/humanistic counselling, emotional-focused and cognitive therapy, positive psychology techniques, conflict resolution, stress management and mindfulness training.

Using individual/cultural assessments, psycho-educational training, personal coaching and therapeutic counselling, Dan improves the self-awareness and relational skill-sets of his clients. This creates conditions whereby their everyday lives become more pleasurable, engaging and meaningful.  He offers decades of relevant experience and expertise to clients who are in the midst of and struggling with a life changing transition, a troubled relationship, a depressed mood, an anxious state and/or existential dilemma.

His approach entails creating a safe, open, engaging relational space and then acting as a catalytic companion by using strategic questions to probe and coax the client to the discoveries and adaptations that will make a difference for them. Once the client's stress states, emotional concerns and confused thinking have been calmed and clarified, his aim is to identify and build upon their signature strengths so that they can fully realize their potentials and capacities.

Dan's therapeutic intent is to meet his clients where they are and take them where they are going.  He endeavours to live by this creed, "to affect the quality of the day is the highest of the arts".