References from some of our colleagues and business associates (non-clients) are available for your review at our offices when you visit us.  We would like to extend our appreciation to our friends, colleagues and business associates for their continued support and deeply valued consultations and insights.

Comments about Dan from business associates, colleagues, students and friends

Please review the attached comments about Dan from business associates, colleagues, students and friends. These nineteen friendly testimonials will provide the selection committee with a sense of me as a person and a feel for my unique talents as well the nature of my relationships.

“I find Dan to be generous with his time. I see him as a mentor and teacher in that he is always introducing new information and challenges. Dan is a caring and compassionate man and it is a great pleasure to call him a friend”.
-Bob B.

“Dan is my mentor. Over several years Dan has provided growth support in both my sales career and personal development. Dan is a leader in the field of the human psyche and with his knowledge continues to guide me in developing my internal self concept into a more rational behavioral pattern creating a happier quality of life”.
-Mal F.

“In the more than two decades of close association with Dan, I have come to regard him as a treasured member of a small group of people I feel privileged to know. Throughout the years myself and many others have come to rely on Dan’s innate ability to willingly provide both insight and inspiration no matter how difficult or delicate the situation. A natural diplomat, he is straight forward yet kind, honest but never judgmental, and utterly blinkered in his loyalty to family and friends”.
-Kay H.

“My experiences with Dan go back almost twelve years. He’s been a good friend, a great listener and has a unique ability to provide unique insights into solving problems and formulating new approaches to this thing called ’life’. Dan’s life experience along with his training is a valid combination for anyone seeking direction of new ways to journey through life in whatever aspect”.
-Andrew J.

“Dan is a tremendously powerful listener and very insightful coach. He worked with me at a critical point to help me see new opportunities for growth – our conversations have really moved things forward for me”!
-Bob K.

“Dan McKinnon maintains a passionate and purposeful mission to cultivating interpersonal relationships. In our thirty year journey, as friends and business partners, Dan has been a creative entrepreneur with an athletic intellect, street-smart savvy and a kind and generous heart. Dan has an uncanny and innate insight into the essence of communication, motivation, and goal attainment. One-on-one, in groups, or business life Dan continues to display his commitment to creative problem-solving, active self-discovery, and a refreshing belief in the power of a commitment to change and renewal”.
-Angela L.

“Dan has throughout the years given me much food for thought. Little phrases such as ‘go toward your fears’, equating difficult family situations to a volleyball game allowing me to look at it from a manageable perspective. He is approachable, honest, hardworking, calming, ethical, professional always available and highly regarded. A person I have always felt could do anything and will.
-Sharon L.

“I have known Dan McKinnon for fifteen years and have worked with him as his field supervisor, co-teacher and organizational consultant. Over that period I have observed him hone his skills interpersonally and organizationally. Combined with his background in entrepreneurship and family business I am confident that he has much to offer both owners/founders and managers in need of understanding and developing interpersonal and leadership skills”.
-Joe L.

“I believe it was a Spanish writer who said that…’we must build as though we are building on stone, with the acknowledgement that we are actually building on shifting sand’…Dan builds relationships with others, and his life, in this way. He holds high the potential for the long term engagement, while offering up all of the room necessary for all to evolve, change, emerge and too, have and allow what’s needed to transpire in his life and the people with him in the journey. I champion this man I call a friend as a life long learner and too, an Elder in training. We need more of both”.
-Brenda M.

“In knowing Dan both as a professional and good friend I speak with genuine respect and high regard about his commitment to personal discovery of self and others. Dan is a touchstone for unexplored perspectives, creative insights and demonstrates a thirst for knowledge and gift for sharing it with others”.
-Hana M.

“If you are seeking a compassionate, insightful and wise partner in your life journey of self discovery, then Dan is your man. With his breadth of life experience and his insatiable thirst for knowledge, he will gently, yet deeply and profoundly guide you to the next level. An asset to humanity, his is an asset to anyone’s personal support team”.
-Judy M.

“Dan embodies contradiction. The good kind. Ying/yang stuff. The contradiction that is balance. Genuine, warm, and generous, his serene disposition belies the passion for life that simmers beneath. Engaging as a marriage proposal and wise as a seer, I can think of no-one better to inspire, enthuse and mentor beings looking to create an extraordinary existence. Whether he knows it or not, Dan has established a living legacy: his resolute respect for, and profound appreciation of, ‘the moment’. And for those reasons – plus many others – he is one of my favorite people”.
-Les M.

“Dan personifies balance and since meeting him, he has helped me cultivate this art. Dan has inspired and mentored me toward choosing a life-plan based on power, passion and purpose. Generous in heart, mind, and spirit, Dan has enriched my life personally, spiritually and professionally. Along the way I have gained a unique and intellectually engaging friend. A catalytic-companion, indeed.
-Richelle M.

“Dan is adept at listening, hearing, seeing the truth and the end. Through creative skillful means and kindness, Dan guides, mentors, facilitates and lifts a situation or person so clear solutions may be seen and acted upon. I am forever grateful to Dan as he has played a major role in my development as a human being”.
-Carol M

“Of all whom I’ve interacted with since meeting Dan McKinnon in 1988, no one has demonstrated a more comprehensive understanding of people and the human spirit than Dan. Only superlatives are suitable when describing Dan’s natural talent”.
-Ben M

“To know where you’re going is one thing, but getting there can be quite another. Dan has been an excellent coach in helping guide me towards my goals while motivating me to stay on-track, both academically and professionally. He has since become both a friend and mentor. His energy for life, passion for psychology and proven business acumen are testaments to his diverse range of talents and wisdom”.
-Dian Q.

“I am the owner/operator of a mid-sized company. I have known Dan for sixteen years. Over the years he has been a very dependable friend and mentor. The process of building a company has been simplified, in areas of employee/employer relations, customer awareness, and marketing strategies, due to his creative insight and suggestions. Using his skills he was able to coach me through the successful purchase of an existing company. I continue to call on him not only for intellectual stimulating discussion as a friend, but for advice in the more sensitive areas of running a business”.
-Pat R.

“Dan was an inspirational student and a quick study. I have probably learned as much from him as I could ever have taught him, he is exceptionally well read and he has the insight of a gifted psychologist”.
-Hank S.

“Conversations with Dan are opportunities to honestly explore one’s feelings and motivations within a safe emotional environment. Trustworthy and non-judgmental, Dan draws on his extensive knowledge of literature, philosophy and clinical psychology to analyze a situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him as someone extremely capable of providing guidance and advice to sort out problems regarding career and personal relationships. I have known Dan for almost twenty years and count myself fortunate to have him as a friend and confidante. He is an unapologetic ‘glass half full’ kind of guy!
-Diana T.