Therapeutic alliance ensures that change happens for clients

During the journey of life most everyone will experience the undulations between “up days” and “down days”. Many of the therapy sessions in psychologists’ offices are with clients who don’t have a mental health diagnosis because they are the “worried-well”...

How therapeutic change becomes you

Research shows that therapeutic change comes about quicker and feels deeper if three things are perpetually and mindfully present in the dialogue and encounter between a psychologist/counsellor and a client: BOND, GOALS AND METHODS. I’ve found in my counselling work that sagebrush outpatient of the therapy session stifles the client’s..

Giving Thanks – How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Most people view gratitude as a polite expression of appreciation for help, a gift, or any other type of benefit. However, a number of psychologists are finding that an overall “attitude of gratitude” can have a positive effect on your life. Benefits of Gratitude The benefits of adopting a grateful attitude are far-reaching,..