From ancient to modern times, dreams have been a bountiful source of intrigue, insight and inspiration. Engaging in one of Dan’s dreamworks sessions can help you discover and understand how “your dreams become you”.

Each of us, at some time in our lives has awakened from a deep night’s sleep remembering an intensely charged dream that lingered in our mind during the day and called out for interpretation and understanding. When a dream persists in this manner it has a meaningful message for you.

A dreamworks session involves a deeply personal, one-on-one dialogue of discovery between yourself and a registered psychologist. The goal of every dreamworks session is to improve your dream recall and memory, increase the awareness and understanding of your personal dream symbols and stories as well as provide you with the inner resources and interpretive practices that will help you see how your night-time dreams and your day-time life are intimately and catalytically connected. Dreamworks is about waking up and putting your dreams to work, for you.