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How therapeutic change becomes you

Research shows that therapeutic change comes about quicker and feels deeper if three things are perpetually and mindfully present in the dialogue and encounter between a psychologist/counsellor and a client: BOND, GOALS AND METHODS – this is known as the therapeutic alliance. As registered psychologists we strive to live the bond/goals/methods in each moment with a client and allow the therapeutic alliance to bring about the change pattern the client seeks.

We think and feel that the best way to initiate and foster the change process is to establish with a client right from the outset that this therapeutic “hero’s journey” is going to be one that relies on the rapport we establish/sustain (BOND), the relationship we build/maintain (GOALS) and the resources we engage/employ (METHODS). We tell the client that this co-creative process will take time and practice; it will be ill-defined and uncertain; and, at times, you may feel vulnerable, but by courageously and whole-heartedly engaging in the work of counselling the changes you’ve been seeking will become you.