Let’s Talk

Going to see a psychologist, what to expect.

Ever wondered what your first visit to a psychologist’s office might look like?  It’s really no mystery.  The art and practice of psychology is about creating a safe space for two human beings to make meaning through meeting and talking.  Your engagement with a psychologist for therapy or counselling (counseling) will begin with a discussion about informed consent and confidentiality and then move to consider these  five questions:  What brought you here today? What history do you have with what brought you here?  What symptoms are you experiencing because of what brought you here?  What would you like to specifically work on during our time together?  What will we need to do to measure and determine  that we have actually achieved your goals?  That’s pretty much what happens in a first visit to a psychologist.  Oh, and if you do book another session you’ll probably get a “homework” task to do before your next visit.

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