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In my years of study, and also throughout the years of my life, I’ve found that entrepreneurs typically have one major trait in common; they are driven.  An entrepreneur is, for the most part, someone who has set their goals and pushes towards those goals.  They make the world happen and they just keep on going.

One of the things that I’ve learned through my psychology training, and also through understanding my own personal psychology, is that this isn’t the whole way to make more.  There are broader and deeper ways for entrepreneurs to become more.  One of them is to put that pushing and driving on hold a bit.  This allows some openness to happen inside of that space.   As a result of capping this driving force, we can create an opening and a space and in that space we can co-create and catalyze, and we have the opportunity to collaborate and make something new.   We teach the entrepreneur those skills and when that individual takes this new mindset back to their regular life and their everyday relationships, at home, at work, with stakeholders, they can do so with a fresh outlook, make some space and see what happens with co-creation.

So much more happens when we collaborate.  Collaborative Intelligence, it’s the wave of the future.

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