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Seeing the “up” in the “down” side of living

Can you remember the last time you hurt so badly that you felt like you were going to die? You were so “down” it felt as if things would never feel “up” again. Sure you can. All of us can because that’s life. As we continue along the life cycle, life teaches us that suffering is a part of living. To become an authentic human being and lover of life, we must learn to carry our personal suffering while continuing joyously living. Ironically, the longer one lives the more one comes to appreciate the wisdom in the adage, “this too shall pass”. Inside every occasion of suffering is wrapped an opportunity for gratefulness and compassion. So the next time you’re feeling down, have faith and trust that just like the other times you’ve suffered one or more of these ups is waiting to be discovered:

1. It could have been otherwise – even more diminishing, more painful

2. Yes, I’ve been hurting, but I can feel myself healing

3. Since it didn’t kill me, it’s made me stronger

4. Of all the things in life that can harm me, I now know to stay away from that one

5. Now that everything’s different, I too can become different.

6. Now that that’s out of my life, I’ve got room for something new.

7. In these difficult times I’ve come to know who is and isn’t there for me.

8. Through my pain and suffering I’ve come to realize that everyone suffers.

9. Since this has happened to me, I can now make sure it doesn’t happen to others.