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Therapy in Calgary – Five Steps to Getting Help

If things in your life are not going as well as you’d like maybe you should consider gestalt therapist. Here are five steps to getting help:

  1. Recognize what’s bothering you.
  2. Accept the fact you could use some help.
  3. Talk to trusted family and friends.
  4. Search the Internet forums for therapy success stories.
  5. Find a therapist you think you’d be comfortable with.

First, you have to recognize and identify what’s bothering you.  Take a few moments and write things down.  Do you have trouble sleeping?  Are you more fatigued and irritable than usual?  Do things that used to excite you no longer hold much interest?  These are all signs that this website may help you if you need someone to talk to about what is happening in your life.

Second, accept the fact there is neither stigma nor shame in admitting you could use some help.  For many Calgarians this is by far the hardest step.  People who have grown up to believe that the strong solve their own problems and only the weak seek out professional help have a tough time taking this step.  Therapy has come a long way since the early 20th century when many saw therapy as a tool reserved for very sick people.  Today thousands of people see therapists everyday for a host of problems ranging from marriage counseling to addiction counseling to life meaningfulness issues. If you happen to have drug addiction problems then they may be able to help you.

Third, most of us have a social network of people we trust and respect.  Find some people with whom you can discuss some of what you are feeling.  It is highly likely you’ll find one or more people in your network who are themselves in therapy or have consulted a therapist at some point in their live.  They can be invaluable sources of advice and support

Fourth, use the Internet as a vehicle for learning the experiences of others who have undergone therapy.  It may take some digging but you will find supportive articles and comments from people of all walks of life who have benefited greatly from talk therapy.  In many cases having a professional and objective listener with whom you can share thoughts, feelings, and solutions leads to significant life improvements without medication of any kind. Let professionals help you with your addiction from this page.

Fifth, find a therapist whom you feel you can relate to and communicate with freely and openly.   In addition there are community counseling centers and even some private therapists in Calgary that charge on a sliding scale, based on income.