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What’s So Important About Dreams? Can They Really Change Your Life?

Calgary TherapyWhat are our dreams important?

I have a saying called “Your dreams become you”.  I’ve learned over my long journey of tracking dreams that dreams have meaning in life.   The dreams that have a charge, the ones that won’t leave you alone, can bring about change or some transformation, or some insight into your life.  There are lots of other dreams that are about every day things that we can simply ignore, but in my experience, the dream that is energized, the dream that you can summarize in just one freeze frame from the dream, are the ones that make a difference.  What’s important about these energized dreams is that the characters, the sceneries, the context and the story of the dream are essentially aspects of you.  A dream that has a charge allows you to see a bit more about who you are.  It gives you opportunity to discover and build your own language around that dream so that you know both your inside and your outside.

Are some dreams more important than others?

Dreams that are energized usually have something to say to a person but each person has to decide on what dreams are important to them.  Each person works at questioning the dream in their own way, to get their own meaning.  In my experience, as both a professional psychologist and a dreamer, there are no books on the meanings of dream,- you are the book on the meaning of your dreams and the way you get to that understanding of that deeper self that’s seemingly hidden in the theater of the night is to respect that what’s showing up is you.  Don’t be afraid to question it because a dream will give you the answer.  Its’ your answer, not an answer from some theory or book.

Can dreams change your life?

I, like many people, have had a good number of transformational dreams, dreams that have changed my life.   What I’ve found is that the dreams that take place when we’re in that semi-sleep state are the ones with the most effect.  If we can learn to hold ourselves in those zones of awareness, just at the time before we go to sleep and at the time before we become fully awake, that unconscious aspect of self pushes out messaging that has been tied for centuries in the stories of the great creators and scientists to the act of inspiration and ultimately, really wonderful creativity.  So dream-like states can then help you with the dream of what you’re going to do with your life or your family or business.  Dream like states can then be used as incubation states to ask questions.  Just while you’re in the semi-sleep state, have a look around on your inner screen to see if some type of message or symbol comes back that has meaning for you.   And don’t forget to write it all down in your bedside journal…sweet dreams.

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